...and thank you for your interest in LegacyTree Foundation. It is our desire to create strategic partnerships like the ones below that will positively impact families for generations and support charitable works throughout the world.

  • LTF works with other non-profits to create charitable partnerships in order to help them develop additional sources of revenue.
  • We also partner with professional advisors to explore the many benefits that LTF LegacyPlans can provide for their clients.
  • Families and individuals partner with LTF to create LegacyPlans for themselves and their heirs, while supporting charitable causes that are close to their hearts.

We trust you will find this information useful and look forward to...

A LegacyPlan* involves a simple transfer of an asset (such as real estate, securities, annuities, savings bonds, etc.) to LTF in exchange for an immediate or deferred tax favored income for life or a set number of years.

Because LTF is a non-profit organization, there are tax benefits that are included with a LegacyPlan that include an income tax deduction, plus capital gain and estate tax reduction.

A LegacyPlan allows families and charities to enjoy the tax benefits and long-range financial solutions that charitable planned giving programs provide.

A LegacyPlan enables a broader range of people to benefit from provisions in the tax code that many thought were only available to very wealthy individuals. Ultimately, and most importantly, more funds are provided to deserving charities.

*A LegacyPlan can consist of a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder annuity trust, or a charitable bargain sale with an installment payment contract. Not all programs are available in every state. LTF does not provide tax or legal advice.